I like to consider myself a person who finds inspiration in all walks of life. Being world-traveled, and having lived among different cultures, I aim to find a fresh perspective through my camera lens in virtually everything I encounter. I’ve been told I have a keen eye for detail, and this coupled with my degree in Visual Communications, as well as hands-on experience with several renowned design studios and fashion firms as the lead graphic designer, photo retoucher and art director, has uniquely positioned me as a multi-disciplinary visual artist, capable of providing a wide spectrum of services in-house.

I often make efforts to extend myself well beyond the fashion and portrait palette to create genuine images that are rich with emotion, and convey a true zeal for life. With each image, I attempt to tell a new and special story that portrays a collection of emotions and observations, like an endless rainbow of colors, in the hopes of stirring lasting emotion in those who view my work.